Aug 302010
Share is a website where one can register a particular book, drop it some place in the world, and see who will pick it up next and how far it will travel.

The San francisco Chronicle calls the website “a modern-day message in a bottle.”

Intrigued, we had to experiment and see for ourselves, so we “released” a copy of Delphine Pontvieux’s “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” into the wild last week.

In order to carry out the “Drop,” Delphine took it upon herself to make it memorable….and jumped off a perfectly functioning air plane at 14,000 feet that day.

Of course, no book or spotted cow was harmed in the process, as we did not literally drop it from the sky! We left it some place at the Midwest skydiving premises (located in Wisconsin) for someone to find it first and, or so we hope, read it, record it on the website, pass it on to the next reader and see how far it will travel.

If you are curious to see what happens with it, you can follow it right here:

Aug 302010


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  • Shedd fish collecting expedition 2005


Aug 252010

Delphine Pontvieux was cast as Joan of Arc’s mother in the upcoming motion picture directed by Lisa Azuelos, titled “Laughing Out Loud”. Read more about the story etc at :

The filming of these particular scenes took place in  the D (for Detroit).

It was a wonderful experience and the cast and crew on set was sensational. Lisa Azuelos is the most wonderful director, so full of ideas, and yet, giving her actors a lot of room to express themselves through the characters. Keep your eyes peeled for the movie release, sometime in the summer of 2011. With prominent actors such as Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene, Marlo Thomas, Thomas Jane and more, this is going to be THE movie of  next summer!

We will keep you posted,