Apr 042014

Delphine Pontvieux will be signing copies of her book ‘ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest.’

She will also showcase the Basque cookbook and cd compilation ‘Pintxatu,’ published by Miss Nyet Publishing.


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Oct 172013

 Delphine Pontvieux will discuss her novel “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” today, Thursday October 17th, at the DRI annual meeting (private event).

What is DRI?

DRI is the largest international membership organization of attorneys defending the interests of business and individuals in civil litigation.

DRI is committed to:

  • Enhancing the skills, effectiveness, and professionalism of defense lawyers;
  • Anticipating and addressing issues germane to defense lawyers and the civil justice system;
  • Promoting appreciation of the role of the defense lawyer; and
  • Improving the civil justice system and preserving the civil jury.

“A sharp, fast-moving, intelligent novel that is equal parts thriller and romance… It is that rare gem of a suspense novel that serves not only as a page-turner, but also as a hopeful reminder that for all of our flaws and crimes, we are all viable candidates for redemption… explosive adventure that signals the debut of an impressive new talent in Pontvieux. ”

—small press review

Get your copy of ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest today

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Jun 172013

The book signing at the Fermin Muguruza concert, which took place last Thursday, June 13, at the legendary Bowery Electric, was a first in New York City for Delphine Pontvieux.

“People have their doubts when it comes to setting up book signing events outside the safety zone of a bookstore,” says Pontvieux. “While I enjoy doing those – they are still the best location for book readings, since reading to an audience requires a quiet place to retain people’s attention – it does not really matter anymore when you are just doing a book signing. In fact, I love doing those in locations where people would least expect a book signing to take place at, such as a busy bar, a hip clothing store…or a concert hall.”


No frills or fancy table cover tonight: we just deliver the goods!

The event was held at the Bowery Electric in the East Village, a venue owned in part by Jesse Malin of ex-Coney Island High. While it may seem unrelated to set up a book signing at a rock show, there is reason behind the madness: in fact, Fermin Muguruza, frontman of his band Fermin Muguruza Kontrakantxa, was instrumental in helping Delphine at the time she was doing research for her novel ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest. He is also the man who penned the blurb for the book’s back cover. As for Pontvieux, she has been a fan of his music for almost 30 years, from the time she discovered his first band, the radical ska hardcore basque band KORTATU, back when she was eleven years old.

Click here to see the official video blurb of the NYC FM show

The FERMIN MUGURURUZA KONTRAKANTXA world tour continues, you can check all remaining tour dates on the official website. (in Montreal tonight at the Francofolies festival)

Read the prologue of Delphine Pontvieux’s novel free, here

Fermin Muguruza