Jan 282013

Read this interesting article published in Reel Chicago, regarding the successful year Chicago has experienced in 2012 with regards to movies, TV series and commercials that were shot in the city.

Meanwhile, yours truly almost got frostbitten last Friday while working a 14-hour shift on the set of Chicago Fire, most of it happening outdoors in bitter cold temps and with snow on the ground. Cannot wait to see the new episodes, though, as I love watching this TV series.


Jan 192013

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 7.40.39 PM

Watch the full episode here:


Cameo appearance starts at 15:50 and ends at 16:30.

Jan 172013

We are unveiling our new website today, which encompasses all of Miss Nyet’s creative offerings, from book publishing to jewelry, under one URL.

Without further introduction, we invite you to browse the site, read about our literary works and discover our custom made jewelry collection.

Enjoy your visit!

Miss Nyet