Delphine Pontvieux interviewed in POP LIT mag

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Dec 172015

Delphine Pontvieux interviewed in POP LIT mag

POP LIT MAG, a brand new literary magazine hailing from Detroit and bound like a book has just been released. Their mission? To present new fiction and poetry as good as or better than anything produced by the mainstream. By better, they mean quicker, clearer, more entertaining but smart and start at the same time.

The first issue features shorts stories and poetry, along with an interview with Delphine Pontvieux about the writing of her book ETA-estimated Time of Arrest.

You can purchase your copy of New Pop Lit for $10 at www.newpoplit.comIMG_8492

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Apr 212013
Jun 252012

Jessica Cage, freelance journalist and writer for the examiner, wrote this article for CBS CHICAGO NEWS website.

What makes it even better for us at Miss Nyet Publishing is, we had no idea it was coming out until the article popped up in a google alert message! So thank you, Jessica Cage, for enjoying Delphine Pontvieux’s first effort so much you put it on top of your top five list of independent Chicago authors and publishers to watch out for!

Read the full article here: 

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