Jun 032010


i had a certain expectation when i picked this book or any book of this genre. i thought that it would be one of those stories that wraps itself around the lead character blowing up things and people followed by maybe a love interest concluding with climatic big bang ending. i was glad that i was wrong.

eta is not just another shoot’em up story line. this book gives you the opportunity to get involved with the main character but also get attached to the people around him. you don’t get caught up in just “his” story. this book gets you deep into the lives of faustine and her family, as well as giving you an understanding of lartaun’s life leading up to this moment. you can empathize with people’s need to fight for their freedom and understand the conflict of trying, on an individual level as well as a mass level, to right the wrongs and what steps to take.

it keeps you captivated till the very end. brilliant book!