May 132013


Have you heard of

This is their mission: exists to promote the work and sales of the hard-working artists and craftspeople who make their livings exhibiting at art shows. Their creativity and passion for fine craftsmanship provide art fair attendees like you with beautiful, unique items not available in chain stores and shopping malls. These creative entrepreneurs work extremely hard. Constant travel, long hours, heavy labor hauling and setting up their booths, and many expenses mean that survival as a fine artist can often be a challenge.

If you share our belief in the importance of art fairs and the value of handmade arts & crafts, please support this wonderful artistic tradition by:

  • Spending some money at the next art fair you visit
  • Bringing your friends to the art fair
  • Subscribing to our email list and sharing it with as many friends as possible

How to support

  • We at Miss Nyet encourage you to register to their mailing list to find out about all upcoming art fairs in your area (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan), but also everywhere else in the USA and Canada, as they work tirelessly to support the fine art community in our country.
  • Starting this week, they are organizing a “birthday pledge drive,” so they can raise the funds to continue their great work for years to come. You can find all the information here.

In support, Miss Nyet provided one of the many prizes which will be given away to the lucky winners at the end of the pledge campaign.

How do you enter the drawing? Everyone who makes a pledge will be entered in a drawing to win amazing prizes, amongst which, Miss Nyet’s own signature creation, the Stirrup choker.

Click here to find the complete list of prizes.


Prize for drawing

Prize for drawing

  • And last but not least, there are many upcoming juried fine art fairs happening all summer-long in the USA and Canada. Do your part, and make the next one your family and friends weekend’s outing! Click for a list of upcoming artfairs in Chicago and the midwest, and for the USA listing if you live in a different state.