Feb 252013

Following in the steps of THE SAILOR necklace/choker, comes its cousin, THE STAR.

Also made of parachute cord and fully adjustable, the STAR comes with a silver-plated sea star pendent that measures over two inches in diameter.

As for the silver-plated beads, which serve to adjust the size of the necklace, they come in the shapes of an open-mouthed fish, a cute little sea star or a seahorse.


Just like the Sailor, you can choose between a rainbow of colors, 33 in total.

But unlike the sailor, we do not recommend you get this necklace wet. Since it is plated in silver, getting it wet or in contact with certain chemicals could cause the silver to tarnish.

Create yours today!



Feb 122013

This choker was created to complement the ‘Monkey fist’ earrings.

Wear this as a set, and get ready for compliments.

– Click on the picture for details –octopus_monkeyfist


May 062012

Between writing short stories, articles for magazines and working on novel # 2, Delphine Pontvieux channels her creative energy into a new project: a simple, yet, alluring, jewelry line with a nautical, outdoorsy feel to it, that is perfect for the beach as well as the city. And the good news is the pieces range from 20 to 35 US$! Click bracelets_and_more_v2-1 to check out the pdf to find out more about the collection and a step-by-step list to create your custom-made bracelet, anklet or necklace.

With Mother’s day coming up, this is the perfect time to get a one-of-a-kind shopping experience!