May 282015

Meet award-winning author Delphine Pontvieux at Printer’s Row Lit fest 2015 in Chicago. PRLF is Midwest’s largest outdoors literary festival, which attracts over 150,000 avid readers over the two day showcase on June 6 and 7.
Pontvieux will sign hardcover copies of her thriller “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” at the Chicago Writers’ Association booth on June 7 (next Sunday) from 2 to 6 pm. Unless there is a change of location, the CWA booth is located right across Hotel Blake, 500 south Dearborn.
In the meantime, we invite you to read the prologue of her book for free and to check out her Amazon (4.9 out of 5 ranking!) and press reviews.
If you like what you read, and you live too far from Chicago to meet her in person next week, you can buy your copy right here for a special price here, and she will be happy to personalize it for you:
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Jun 072013

PRINTERS ROW LIT FEST, Chicago’s long standing open air book fair is taking place this Saturday and Sunday again in printers row in the South Loop.

It is taking place, as every year, along the streets of Polk and Dearborn. Come meet the authors talking, signing and selling their latest work at their booths, browse row upon rows of new and used books, listen to poetry or attend a forum: the schedule of events and activities is packed and you can find it here.

Sting, amongst other stars, will be in attendance this year to present a new story-telling initiative.

As in the past four years, Delphine Pontvieux will be attending the list fest, however she will only be present on Saturday, June 8th, all day.

Mark your calendars to pay her a visit tomorrow and talk about her long awaited sequel to ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest, have her sign a copy of her thriller in the name of a great friend or family member (everyone loves a present, especially when it is not expected!), listen to awesome tracks by various Basque bands from the PINTXATU tapas cookbook, where recipes are not paired with wines, but with a song. She will also have a few pieces from her new equestrian unisex jewelry collection on hand.

You can find her on Dearborn Street, at the AVENDIA PUBLISHING booth, # Q2 (there are maps of the lit fest available everywhere on site). 

Free event – Perfect for a family outing.

Delphine Pontvieux has received several awards for her thriller ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest:

  • 2010 French in Chicago Community Awards: Oscar winner in ”Arts and Culture” category
  • 2011 Indie Excellence Book Awards winner in thriller category
  • Her novel ETA is a five-star rated book on Amazon.

She was also nominated at #1 in top 5 NBC’s local authors and independent publishers to watch for in Chicago.

NBC top local authors to look for

Jun 122012

This year proved to be another successful lit fest in beautiful, hot and sunny Chicago.

Who says people don’t buy books anymore? Judging from the never ending crowd of Chicagoans strolling among the booths, listening to readings and chatting with authors at their tables, it looked like the written word has a future, and a bright one at that.

It is such a pleasure for an author to meet face to face with fans and prospective readers alike. Some who bought Pontvieux’s novel ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest last year came back to the booth to talk, give their feedback and impressions about the story. The only thing they seemed disappointed about was that the sequel to ETA was not for sale yet! Do not despair, Delphine Pontvieux is hard at work and we are confident the sequel will be there for them to buy well before next Printers Row!

Another first at the fair was the very first public presentation of her jewelry collection, Anchor Bracelets.

Many visitors at the fair left with their own one-of-a-kind bracelet, hand-made by Delphine Pontvieux. We will be showcasing her latest work online here soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, should you want to hear more about the collection, and how to order your custom made piece of jewelry, you can contact her at to receive a pdf file that explains step-by-step how to design and order your own bracelets from her. (or to order a specific model from her existing collection.)

Check out the photo gallery of the Miss Nyet booth, which we, like the previous years, shared with our good friends at Avendia Publishing.

If you missed the event, order your hardcopy of ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest on our site and Pontvieux will be glad to personalize it for you!

keep on reading, always,

The Miss Nyet Crew