Nov 292011

Valid only between now and December 12!

Want to fill a couple stockings with books? Even better, books personalized for that special someone?

Look no further, and forget about the regular cover price, because between now and December 12, you can order ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest for a special price of 15 US$ for one copy (+ sales tax for Illinois).

Want a better deal? Order 3 copies or more and the price goes down to 12$ a copy (+ sales tax for Illinois).

And the best news, shipping costs remain at 6$ within the USA for up to 3 books!

How to order? Easy. Send an email to with ORDER in the subject line and let us know how many copies you would like to order, along with your shipping address. Once we send you the total invoice, send the money via PAYPAL to and we will ship your order right away.

Please be sure to mention the names of the people you would like the books dedicated to, if applicable.

Books printed in the USA on SFI certified, acid-free paper. Supplied by a green initiative vendor who participates in the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative programs, which are both devoted to the responsible management of the world’s forests.

ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest – Winner of the 2011 Indie Excellence Book Award in the Thriller category