Jun 112011


The title quickly intrigued me, being a student of current political history and geography as well as current events, a novel on the Basque Region and its fight for independence caught my immediate attention.

The structure, description of the events and characters via brief chapters makes you want to read on, as you know sooner or later, the reason for inclusion will be revealed–and you cannot wait! The plot unfolds with lots of intrigue and visualizing on the part of the reader. It forces you to project & attempt to scope out what will occur next, but you are never really sure.

Having spent a good portion of my life involved with many of the world’s cultures, yet having been raised in a very localized finite part of America, I could readily envision being right there in the Basque region experiencing what I was reading. Very well written and organized.

I understood the characters and the events that could create the plot as laid out; this is a thought provoking look at current events and what similar situations can lead too throughout the world.

The author seems to have such an intimate knowledge of people and events that you feel it is a story of a part of her life–True?