Delphine Pontvieux is proud to present her spring/summer collection 2013, which is inspired by the beauty and majesty of horses and the sport of polo in particular.

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The Equestrian Collection is minimalist, yet, refined, in shape.

Made of Latigo leather, which is used in saddlery, or colorful cowhide, which was hand-dyed, finished and polished by the designer, it is adorned with various metals, such as solid brass and stainless steel. The Equestrian Collection is a vision of strength, power, fearlessness, beauty and timeless elegance, just like the polo players and their ponies which inspired Delphine Pontvieux as she watched them in action in Wellington, Florida, last winter.

“It is no secret I love the combination of leather and original hardware one would never expect to find on a piece of jewelry,” says designer and creator Delphine Pontvieux. “Last year’s Nautical collection reflected just that: I incorporated pieces of sailing hardware, such as stainless steel marine anchor shackles and awning pulleys, on leather cuffs and necklaces (Look at the “Sailor choker” or the “Latigo Cuff” from the 2012 Non Et Non: the Affirmative Collection.) With that in mind, it’s not too much of a surprise I got taken away, not only with the striking elegance and poise of polo ponies, but also with the splendid pieces of horse tack they wear.”

As such, it was fitting the collection officially launched during the ninth annual La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup, the world’s largest and most prestigious Beach Polo competition, which took place April 25th-28th on the sands of South Beach, Florida.

The POLO LIFE at the La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup IX, organizer of the event, commissioned Delphine Pontvieux to create a distinctive piece of jewelry to be presented as a gift during the Trophy ceremony to all the female polo players in competition. The “Stirrup Choker” was born. The necklace became an instant favorite at the event and received many enthusiastic accolades from the polo players, the media, and the public, who got the chance to purchase their own at the Miss Nyet Exhibit in the VIP area.

As of today, the Equestrian Collection is available worldwide through the Miss Nyet website. Browse our signature unisex leather cuffs and wraparounds, as well as our chokers, earrings, belts and, for the first time, dog collars and leashes. As always, every piece in our collection is handmade from scratch, so if you have a special idea or request, never hesitate to contact us about it at


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