Delphine Pontvieux is proud to present her Fall/Winter MISS NYET JEWELRY collection 2013/2014.                

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The ‘Woah, Frenchy’ Miss Nyet Jewelry Collection is a bit of a departure from Delphine’s previous work: it features less leather, and more metal.

“I am learning metal smithing, and developing a brand new appreciation, and respect, for the medium: I used to see metal as a hard, cold-to-the-touch, hard-to-bend matter. It is actually a wonderful substance to work with as I (try to, not always with success) shape it into jewelry, such as bezel-set rings and metal cuffs. While keeping busy learning and honing my traditional jewelry-making techniques, I started playing with jump rings, old coins and chains. This is how this collection came together.”

The ‘Woah, Frenchy’ Miss Nyet Jewelry collection can be as colorful or monochromatic as you want it to be. The choice is all yours. We provide you with many options and a diverse palette of colors, so you can customize every piece of jewelry we create to your own taste, and turn it into a one-of-a-kind design that is a reflection of your individuality.

This collection is a work in progress. We plan to add new pieces to it every month, so be certain to visit our website on a regular basis. There will be chainmaille leather cuffs and chunkier necklaces available in time for Christmas shopping.

As of today, the ‘Woah, Frenchy’ Collection is available worldwide through the Miss Nyet website. As always, every piece in our collection is handmade from scratch.

If you have a special idea or request, contact us about it at


Miss Nyet Jewelry