Aug 092010

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Rick wrote the following about ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest:

This is one of the most original, touching and gripping novels I have read in many years. Lorenzo Lartaun Izcoa is a character that I immediately felt a connection to, not an easy feat for an author.
Delphine Pontvieux is spot on in her character development as well as plot. I started reading this on a Friday- and finished early Sunday- as I could not put it down – it is THAT GOOD. The internationallocations. France and Spain, the Basque movement all provide a backdrop that distingishes this novel fromyour typical thriller- ETA is far more than a typical thriller- it is a human study of one’s conscience being tested during a very chaotic time. The supporting characters, especially Faustine- an environmentalist with a quick mind and much more and Jean-Phillipe add to this gem of a novel’s plot. I f you read only one book this year- do yourself a favor- read- ETA!
Founder- The James Mason Classic British Book Club

5-star rating

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Aug 042010

Check out Delphine’s guest blog post on alternative read. Some musings about the glamorous life of authors…

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Aug 022010

Delphine Pontvieux is the “author in the spotlight” for the month of August on Alternative Reads.

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