Oct 212011


Delphine Pontvieux’s writing in her international thriller “ETA: Estimated time of Arrest,” is “inspired”, Dan Burns writes in his review for CWA’s book review site, Windy City Reviews.


Here are a few excerpts from the article:


The writing exhibited in ETA, simply put, is inspired. Writers are often told to “write what you know,” and Ms. Pontvieux has done just that. The lush descriptions of the Basque region of northern Spain and the majestic and elaborate details used to create a visual for the reader of the mountains and valleys of southern France are details and descriptions of as seasoned traveller.


As a storyteller, Ms. Pontvieux has shared with us not only what she knows, but also her skill and craft at weaving a interesting plot that never loses its focus.


I was impressed with Ms. Pontvieux’s deliberate attention to character development. Juggling the storylines of more than twenty characters in a novel is a challenge, but ensuring that each of those characters is unique and interesting is a true test of a writer’s ability. Her primary characters certainly stand out as noteworthy and impressionable people, but even the characters with the smallest roles remained memorable for me long after I put the book down.


We read novels and stories to get away from our daily routine, to learn something new, and to travel to places that are dear to us or that we may only dream about. We read to experience what the author has experienced, what the author knows, and the unique perspective that the author brings to the story. ETA has delivered on all counts.


ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest is a tightly wound story of international intrigue and suspense, splashed across a canvas of European landscapes, environmental and political causes, and the art of mountain climbing.


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Oct 202011

As of today, ETA officially announced  it has called a “definitive cessation” to its campaign of bombings and shootings after 50 years of activity.

View the video of the declaration (you can choose the language in Euskara, Spanish, French or English) here:


Oct 182011

Delphine Pontvieux is featured on the front page of the Digital Book Review today, with a book review of ETA in addition to an entertaining interview.

You can read it all here: