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In my stories, I write about war, terrorism and violence.

I condemn terrorism because while I believe there are goals and aspirations, whether they be of the political or ideological kind, that may be worth fighting for, they can never justify the slaughter of innocent people.

I deplore violence in all its forms, especially when gratuitous.

And while I am against war for ethical reasons, I respect the soldiers who fight them: soldiers want peace and freedom as much as everyone else. The difference between us and them is, they put their lives on the line so that the majority of us don’t have to.

I was lucky enough that I never had to live through a war. Being born in France, my people have fought many of them.

My grandfather, on my dad’s side, was drafted during World War II. He found himself alone in front of a German tank in northeastern France back in 1941. With only a hand gun left for protection, he was made prisoner and was sent to a work camp until the liberation by the Allied forces in 1945.

My dad’s older brother fought in Algeria, because the war was going on while he was doing his military service (which, until recently, was mandatory for all able Frenchmen).

My grandmother on my mother’s side lived in Normandy during the German occupation. She managed to cross the line of demarcation between Nazi occupied France and freedom alone at 18, by hiding under bales of hay in the back of a tractor. With only a small suitcase in hand, her goal was to meet my grandfather in Marseille so they could get married before he was sent to fight.

My point is, we are all related with family and friends who have fought wars, lived through wars, escaped from them, or fell on the battlefield. When we talk about the war, any war, we often look at it in the macro sense of the term. Yet, what we tend to oversee, is that out of a battalion of a thousand soldiers fighting as one, each person is an individual, with their own distinct lives and they have a thousand different stories to tell.

Do you want to share YOUR story ?

This Veterans Day weekend, Indie Book Collective’s Blog Tour de Troops is giving back to the men and women who safeguard our freedom. 


Leave a comment to this post today, or Sunday 13 or Monday 14

The “comment button” is not obvious on my blog. Please look for it on the upper left side of this post, in blue, below the Post’s title, ‘categories’ and ‘tag lists’.


The choice is yours! It could be a reaction to what you just read, a word of thank you or gratitude to the troops who are far away from home, a story you would like to share…


  • You automatically win a free ebook copy of my thriller “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest”
  • You help spreading cheers all around! I will match your request for my novel by sending another one to a US soldier. This is a great way to get the men and women who serve in the armed forces the chance to receive free Ebooks.
  • You and the participating troops will also be automatically entered to win KINDLES.


Be sure to include the following information in your post:

  • Your email address so I can send you my book (feel free to send it in the following form “youremail AT yoursite DOT com” if you’re afraid of spam) and to be entered in the kindle draw.
  • The type of file you would like to receive your Ebook in. I can send you the book in PDF, .mobi (for kindle) and .epub (for ipad, Nook etc) formats.


So take a moment to forward this post to someone else by using the “share this” buttons at the end of this post. 

If you’d like to donate money toward those Kindles for our soldiers, simply use Paypal and as the address to send money to. Please note on your payment that it’s a Troops donation.


Please visit and THANK Vidster Vidocq on his blog for the review he wrote of “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” specially for Tour de troops :

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“The entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.” John Andrew Holmes. “Service to others is the rent you pay for living on this planet.” Marian Wright Edelman.  ‘NUFF SAID. Thank you all, and have a beautiful weekend,



  1. Your book looks like a fantastic read.
    Thank you for your generosity and support for our troops!
    tweezle(at)gmail(dot)com and read epub format. Thanks!

  2. I think this is a great way to give back to our troops! Love the idea of this tour!

    Please send epub to beritlemons AT gmail DOT com

  3. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful event. As a military wife it makes me happy to see soo many people supporting our troops

    please send epub to miranda_lynn2001(at)live(dot)com

  4. Thank you, I think this is a great thing you all are doing!

    You pick which soldier gets books
    epub to

  5. I completely agree with all that you said about hating violence in all its forms. I get quite sad just thinking about it. Why? What’s the point? Violence for violence sake, that’s all it is.

  6. Oops… sorry, I just gave you the wrong address. It should be
    Sorry about that!

  7. Thank you for thinking of our troops and sending a book to them. My uncle was in the Korean war and he always suffered from PTSD. Bless you!

    My email addy:

  8. Clever promo, Delphine! Sure, I’d love to have a look at your novel.

  9. I would love a copy in .mobi please. I have a Kindle. Thanks so much for the support of our troops.

  10. Thank you to our Troops and to our Authors for putting this together.

    Stephanie O. (epub)

  11. Happy Veterans Day.

  12. Great cause. With a niece and nephew just leaving active service I know how much they appreciate the little bits of home they get no matter who they come from.


  13. Thank you for your generosity. I am truly impressed by the generosity of you and all the Indie authors.

  14. It was great meeting you last night at Quimby’s!

    I think what you’re doing for the troops is fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading your book as well.

    Please send a PDF to kpaone92(at)hotmail(dot com) and I will be happy to let you know what I think.

    Also, looking forward to connecting with you on GR too.

    • yes it was wonderful meeting you as well! keep up with the reading and the writing as well! looking forward to hearing your comments after you read my book. come to the beauty bar this sunday evening from 7 pm on if you can, i’ll be doing a reading with 6 other local authors and an open mic! the details are on my blog.

  15. Thank you for supporting our troops. And thank you in advance for your book in Kindle format.

  16. Thank you for participating in this awesome cause 🙂 I would love a .mobi copy please


  17. Thank you for participating in this wonderful event! glenn(at)keyaquests(dot)com

  18. Thank you for participating in this event and sharing your stories with us.

  19. Thank you for your brave book. I’ve just read and commented on the review of your book by Vidster Vidocq at his blog, and thank you Vidster for sharing this with me and readers. The cover design of the book is beautiful too, very individual. I can’t wait to read it, if you have a pdf that would be great as I don’t have a kindle.

    Armistice Day, Veterans Day is always a day of reflection for me, my father joined the army just after his brother was killed there, in World War II. Last night I shared one of his stories on my web journal, about how having a father who had been a soldier made me long for peace, and question the moral sides of just about everything that came my way the rest of my life. Thanks for joining this book donation program, I am happy to have found it and to donate your book.

    • Thank you so much for your nice words, and thanks again to Vidster for posting the review of my novel. I hope you’ll enjoy the book! and I am also looking forward to reading the post you wrote on your web journal. let me know the link to it!

  20. Thank you for participating in this very worthwhile event.

  21. This event is awesome! God bless all our troops, past, present, and God forbid future.

  22. I think I forgot to leave my email address. It is

  23. My bad. I forgot: mobi file, please.

  24. Thanks to all our troops for the sacrifices they & their families make everyday!!!!!

    epub –

  25. You are to be praised for donating your time and talent to such a worthy event! Thank you for the chance to read your book and pass one on to a deserving soldier. I won a Kindle from this event and treasure it!

  26. Thank you for what you are doing. Happy Veterans Day.

  27. Thanks for your support of the troops

  28. Thanks for participating in the blog tour and donating books.

  29. Thank you for supporting the troops! This tour is a wonderful idea!
    PDF format would be great, thanks!


  30. thank you for sending a book to our troops!

    Home of the FREE
    Because of the BRAVE

  31. Thank you for being part of this wonderful event. Our troops are a very special group of individuals.

    saphsbookblog at gmail dot com

    .mobi please.

  32. Thank you so much for what you are doing for our troops you are such a blessing!
    (formatted for a kindle)

  33. Great Cause! Happy to help!

    nicole at sharearead dot com

  34. My sincere thank you’s go out to each and every service member past and present. As the wife of a current soldier overseas, your sacrifices do not go unappreciated. Thank you is such a simple phrase yet is all I have to offer.

  35. Just stopping by to say Hi! and get a soldier a free copy. Have fun on the tour!

  36. Thanks for participating in this tour. It is a wonderful cause and it’s amazing to see how many authors are willing to give away their work to help support troops. Thanks for your generosity.

  37. Thank you for being a part of this event that will brighten the day of a soldier a long way from home. christygibbon at juno dot com

  38. Thanks to those who have served and thank you for giving some great books to them.

    andreagrendahl AT gmail DOT com

  39. I just wanted to stop by for a soldier to get a copy very nice of all the Authors to do this!
    I read pdf format on my laptop!

  40. This tour is a fantastic idea! I would prefer epub format.
    Thank you very much.

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  41. Thank you so much for helping the troops!

    nook_heartnsole at yahoo dot com

    .epub please

  42. This is a wonderful tribute to all those in uniform who serve this country, whether at home or away.

  43. My uncle used to be a marine. He’s amazing! Thank u for doing this tour 😀
    email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu
    I would love a PDF copy 🙂

  44. Thanks for supporting our troops. My hubby is a former Marine!!

    earthsbooknook at gmail dot com

  45. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. This is amazing.

    carrieannryanwrites at gmail . com

  46. What a wonderful idea! I am a member of Operation Book Drop for the troops overseas and am happy to participate in this. Please have a look: http://susannahmorgan

    Feel free to email me: I am looking forward to readng your work!

  47. This is such a great way to support the troops. Two of my cousins served in Vietnam. My dad was a year too young for WW2, he volunteered for the Air Force after high school, but he didn’t have any depth perception so he couldn’t land the plane! I have some pictures of him in his uniform.
    Please send an epub to marlene at readingreality dot net.

  48. Your family’s stories are awe inspiring. My grandfather did volunteer for WWII, but he wound up in Panama Canal towards the end of it. That only reminds me that there were more to the war than France, Germany, and Japan.

    Thank you for taking part in this great tour.

    I would also love to read your book.

    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

    • that is very true! Actually my grandfather on my mother’s side fought World War II in Africa! (that is why my grandma met him in marseille so they could get married. because once they were married, then she could go with him to Africa, otherwise she may have never seen him again)

  49. Thank you for supporting our troops.
    Kindle format please
    shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net

  50. Another author on the tour stopping in.

    Here’s to a lot of comments, a lot of traffic, and a lot of ebooks for soldiers on a day when we celebrate their sacrifices, great and small.

    ~ Erin M. Klitzke

  51. Thanks for supporting the troops. Please send my copy to the troops as well. Thanks again.

  52. I enjoyed reading this post and I am hoping to come to know your writing better. I think this site rocks and I think that is a wonderful thing that on this day it is doing something for our veterans and active service personnel.

    Warmest regards,

    D. M. Kenyon
    author at lotus blossom book dot com

  53. Thank you for being a part of this. Your grandparents have been through so much. If they are still with you please thank your grandfather for me.


  54. I forgot to leave my format in my comment. PDF works wonderfully.

    Thank you


  55. Thanks for the free read – I’m excited to get it! I’d love it in Kindle form. Also, thank you for supporting our troops!

    allyreads81 at gmail dot com

  56. Good deeds are going on here; congratulations…

    and thank you for a mobi copy.

  57. Thank you for your post and for taking part in such a remarkable event. I never knew my grandad and my father said he never talked about the war but the pictures I’ve seen show a young man, just married, heading off to who knew what.

  58. This is a great giveaway! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate. Thanks for supporting our troops. I am excited to get your book, but I LOVE that with my comment a soldier gets one too! Makes me feel good. Thanks for that!

  59. Thank you for supporting out troops this way (and I have to say that I’m going to enjoy it too). My father, husband and brother-in-law have all served or are currently serving and anything that supports our troops is near and dear to my heart.
    Thanks again,

  60. We all owe a debt of gratitude to our men and women in uniform. As a fellow author on tour, I think this is simply an awesome way to do so! Thanks for taking part!


  61. What a great cause – thanks for supporting our troops!

    I look forward to reading your book!


  62. No matter what you think of any war, or the reasons behind it, the men and women fighting it didn’t pick the fight, but they put their lives on the line for it. Here’s to all the soldiers everywhere!

    Thanks for participating in this event, it really is a big deal!

    Angi Gray
    ailishification @ gmail . com
    epub is the best … it’s universal!

  63. I’m so thrilled this has started. It’s always wonderful to recognize those who served out country! I already have your wonderful book but I wanted to make sure a soldier got one too!


  64. Thank you so much for your support of the troops! I have many family members and friends who serve/served in the military and am grateful for what they chose to do and proud of them as well! I know that all of the books that will be received will be much appreciated!

    Thanks again!

  65. My father was in WWII. My brother and brother-in-law were in Vietnam, one nephew was in Desert Storm, and another nephew is serving in Iraq. Today is a tough day for my family.

    This is such a worthy cause; thank you for doing this. My email is lapidaryprose AT gmail DOT com. I have the kindle app, so mobi would be good. Thank you again.

  66. What a great way to support our troops! Thanks 🙂

    smaccall AT

  67. Happy Veterans Day and thank you to our troops.

    ainfinger AT comcast DOTnet

  68. Thanks for participating in the event and supporting the troops

  69. I would like to say thank you to all the soldiers, past present and future!!!

  70. I love it when people who work at a medium I enjoy do things like this. I wholeheartedly approve and support by commenting!
    evanbartholomew @ gmail DOT com and .mobi

  71. Thank you for participating in this worthy endeavor. I appreciate the candidacy with which you expressed yourself and was touched by your families involvement in the wars. You are right about all of us having a connectedness with war. My own grandfather was sent to France in the winter while still in his jungle fatigues and said that all he did was freeze- he never talked about actual fighting.

    • I don’t blame him, fighting in the winter (especially in Northern France) was no walk in the park. I remember these pictures of the battle of Verdun (WWI) from the history books in particular, when the soldiers were huddled in the trenches, caked in frozen mud…it breaks your heart. I thank your grandfather for coming over from a place so far away to save us from the German occupation. We will never forget that.

  72. Thank you for participating in this worthy endeavor. I appreciate your honest expression of your feelings about war and I was moved to remember my own family stories by hearing yours.

    My grandfather was in France during WWII as well. He was intended for the Pacific theater so only had his jungle fatigues on and it was winter in France. He said he near froze to death- he did not talk about actual fighting.

    • I cannot tell you how grateful we are for the Americans (and the british, Canadians, Australians..) who came to liberate our country, and put an end a terrible, terrible war. I actually have a cool story. A few years back i was in Paris with my grandma and we were at a terrace drinking coffee. I overheard these two older gentlemen. they were American, and they were lost. I went to them to ask if i could help them finding their way. they said this was their second time in france. The first time they came, they were 2 soldiers parachuted into Normandy on D-Day, and were here for the second time, on holiday, because they were invited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landing. My grandma, who does not speak english, asked me to translate. when i told her what they just said, her eyes filled with tears and she asked me to thank them on her behalf. Her family had a farm in normandy that was being occupied by the germans. They ended up sitting at our table and we bought them a round, it was so cool for me to translate the conversation that ensued. I was looking at my grandma, and she was a teenager again, and so were they! They were strangers, yet they shared a bond because they lived through it together. I’ll never forget that day. it put it all into perspective for me.

  73. Thank you for participating in the Blog Tour de Troops. I appreciate your story and am glad you shared it with us.

    Deep Peace,


  74. Thank you for being part of this, many family members are in the military and I think this is a great way to honor our veterans!
    Please send kindle-format book. Thank you.

  75. Thanks for sharing your book. And for giving such detailed instructions on how to find the comment box.
    I’d prefer epub format.

  76. What a great way to honor and give to the people who serve our country. Thanks for participating.

  77. This is a really great project and worthy cause! Thank you for sharing.
    I would like to have epub format.

  78. Hi!! Thank you so much for supporting our troops!! I appreciate it!! PDF please!

  79. hi Delphine! it’s great to know that you are a part of IBC’s BTDT. i already have a copy of your book but i wanted to leave a comment so that a member of the troops could get a copy as well. thank you! c”,)

  80. This is a great way to celebrate veteran’s day and to show the troops what they mean to us.
    thanks so much.

  81. Thank you for doing this for our Troops…I look forward to reading ETA-Estimated Time Of Arrest (Kindle format, pls).

  82. Thank you for supporting our Troops!

  83. This is amazing what you guys are doing for the troops! They deserve it!


  84. I love what all of you are doing for our troops. Thank you so much!

  85. Thank you so much for being a part of this!! I can use PDF or .mobi, whichever is easier for you 🙂

    brittanyrose40 AT yahoo DOT com

  86. Hi,

    Here for the Blog Tour – Thank you to all of the men & women of the armed forces for everything you do and for keeping our country safe!

    please send epub format, thank you

  87. Thanks for being part of this tour, hope they will enjoy your book as well! ^^

  88. Thank you for participating in the BTDT. I look forward to reading your book. You can send me either the EPUB or PDF format on your book.


  89. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s history. I often find myself wondering how I would have managed in occupied Europe. Your grandmother was incredibly brave!

    I’d love an epub copy of your book. You can find me at DiNozzoGibbs @ gmail . com

    • You know, i wonder about that too. I was lucky I never had to live through it, but i can tell you this. it is still engrained in my soul, the way my parents raised me and my sister, because they got it from their own parents who lived through this. For example, at christmas, i never tear the wrapping paper off a gift. my grandma, even though she may not be in the room would kill me if she saw me doing this! because every christmas, she would take the wrapping paper, fold it nicely so she could reuse it the next year to wrap more presents…we learnt not to waste anything, because during the war, everything was in short supply and nothing would ever go to waste. People here look at me weird when i do it! it’s a strange thing to do, and while i can afford buying wrapping paper, that’s something that was passed on to me, and it’s part of the culture. We waste so much now, because we don’t know what it’s like to have nothing…

  90. What a wonderful way to support our troops. Thank you.
    I would love an epub copy of your book.

    musicalfrog at

  91. Thank you for being part of the tour and supporting the troops!
    Please send .epub. Thanks.

    Have a great day!

  92. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for supporting our troops!



  93. I used to send care packages via ‘Books for Soldiers’, and this is an awesome way to continue that effort!

  94. I think this is so great that you all are doing this tour for the troops. Thank you so much. epub copy please.

  95. Awesome way to say thank you to our troops. Thanks for giving me a chance to read your book and to win a Kindle

  96. A big thank you to all the service men and women.


  97. I just that this is a great way to show thanks to the troops. I know as a Marine wife that I love it when I see ways to give back to the troops. So thank you!

  98. Thank you so much for participating in this event and honoring our veterans on their day by giving to our troops a little taste of escapism into a good read.


  99. My maternal grandfather & 2 of his brothers served in WWII. One of the brothers, Howard, didn’t make it back home. From the stories my grandfather told, Howard was a very special man & his sacrifice means a lot to me.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  100. I’m so glad there’s another Tour de Troops!! Can’t wait to see if there’s more comments than Memorial Day! What a great way to give our troops a little escape in a book while they are away from home and at war. Thanks IndieBookCollective!!

    I grew up a Navy Brat, so I greatly appreciate the sacrifice of our military and their families! As a former Navy Brat, I know the families definitely serve and sacrifice also! Luckily, my dad wasn’t sent to war (he was in during the 70’s) but he had A LOT of sea duty and was out to sea for months at a time! He missed many birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I am so proud of his service. Just as I am so incredibly proud of all the heroic men and women fighting for us today whether they are overseas or stateside, they are all important to our nation. I can’t wait to see them all coming home, hopefully soon.

    Thanks for the free book – can’t wait to read your story!
    missyebookmail (AT) mediacombb (DOT) net

  101. Forgot to add that I would like epub format.
    missyebookmail (AT) mediacombb (DOT) net

  102. This is a fantastic project and such a worthy cause. We owe so much to all our armed forces.

    I hadn’t heard of Blog Tour de Troops until I was alerted to it by Vidster. I’ve commented further on his review of your book over at Defrosting Cold Cases, and I look forward to reading.

    Preferred format PDF.
    Thanks so much.

    sue DOT carney AT ethosforensics DOT com

    • that is very nice of you and i encourage everyone who comments on this blog to click on Vidster’s as well (his link is on my main post) to leave a comment because he and the other book reviewers are also supporting blog tour de troops big time and they, too, deserve a nod.

  103. Thanks for being part of this tour and I hope your book makes somebody’s day better 🙂

    My preferred format is PDF, thanks.

    hellenlovesbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

  104. That’s a fascinating story about your family. My father was in the Navy during WWII.

  105. Thank you for participating in this Blog Tour de Troops.
    Thanks to the troops for what they do.
    And thank you in advance for y our book.

    jandhj2 (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca

  106. Thank you for participating in this tour! God bless our troops today and always!

  107. one more for the gals and guys giving to keep us free

  108. Miss Nyet,

    I think what you and the other authors are doing are fantastic. Our service people need to know that people appreciate them and love them for protecting our freedom and our lives.

    God Bless you and the other authors for thinking of our Military.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

  109. I am thoroughly enjoying all the blog stops! I love reading the different stories! Thank you to all Veteran’s and those still serving today!


  110. Thank you for your generosity, and I am looking forward to reading your book!

    Carol M

    kisstheday @

  111. this is wonderful thing you all are doing thank you and god bless our troops.and you for your kindness.

  112. i to forgot to leave the format for the book pfd is fine as well thank you for being so sweet in sending me your book.

  113. thank you for being so nice and if this is a duplate comment im sorry it wasnt showing it posted .thanks for giving us the chance to read your books.. in pfd ..

  114. Happy to Support a good cause.

  115. Thank you for the support the the troops the past, present and the future.
    My e-mail is
    Again thank you for all your hard work!

  116. Thank you for supporting our troopsin such a wonderful way!

    Please donate my copy to a service member.

  117. Thanks for making this such a great event and for your generosity!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  118. What a great way to support our troops. They will love having a good book to escape to when they are out there protecting out freedom. Thanks again

  119. Hey you – David David here. I guess I made it in time! Looking forward to reading your book.
    deathbyzamboni at

  120. Thank you for supporting our troops like this – they deserve some good books.

    I would like a PDF version. Thank you!


  121. Thanks for your support of the troops. They are great and really deserve this!

  122. Thank you for your support and the ebook

    kolists at gmail dt com

  123. books are how those of us deployed take our minds out of the current conflict to a completely different world for a few hours. Thanks for doing this, as a recently retired army vet I can tell you that your efforts are much appreciated.

    Holly – prosekniticATyahooDOTde

  124. I have to agree with all of your views. I am not one who was in a war but some of my family members have been. War, terrorism and violence is terrible but that seems to be what our world is involved in througout the years. The troops are really amazing for what they do.
    jessangil at gmail dot com
    -Jessica B

  125. Great reading last night at Beauty Bar!
    Thank you for sharing the story with us. It seems like a very interesting read.

  126. Thank you so much for supporting our troops and for participating in this blog tour. I prefer a PDF version, thank you.

    thenarcissuslibrary at gmail dot com

  127. Thank you for participating in this wonderful project, and thank you to our veterans for their service!

    Please send epub to

  128. Thank you for joining in this tour. You are amazing for supporting the troops.

    Please send me a .mobi of the book. Thank you!

    writer.chicka [at]

  129. I participated last Memorial Day and am so glad to be able to again show our troops how much they are appreciated through the donation of ebooks and Kindles. Thank you Delphine & IBC for this great program and also sharing with us via free books.

    ackleybj {at} verizon {dot} net

  130. Forgot to specify book type. I would like mobi format for Kindle. Thanks again.

    ackleybj {at} verizon {dot} net

  131. Thanks for participating! Kindle format would work best.

    roxburysnoopy-blogtourdeforce at

  132. Thanks for supporting the troops.


  133. Thank you so much for participating in this Tour!! I was introduced to so many new and wonderful authors from the last Tour in May that I was thrilled to hear Indie Book Collective was doing it again!! Thank you for giving our troops a free book and thank for giving this civilian one too!!


    mammysfave at hotmail dot com

    PS. I have a Nook, so .epub file would be great!!!