Jan 312013

Hey, friends of Miss Nyet,

While some of you appreciate the “size-to-order” perks we offered up to now for the leather cuffs and wraparound bracelets from the new collection, you’ve also made us realize it is tough at times to select the perfect size online: you may not have a ruler handy to measure your wrist, and what is a boy or a girl to do when it comes to picking a size, especially when the bracelet is intended as a gift, for a sweetheart or a best friend?

We’ve listened to your feedback and came up with a clever alternative, which does not sacrifice style and is guaranteed to fit all of you perfectly, no matter your wrist size!
The miracle answer? Strap buckles!


Left: Silver buckle – Right: Gold buckle

They are now available in either gold or silver tones: the gold buckle is made of brass, and the silver buckle is made of nickel-plated solid brass.

These buckles redefine “unisex,” because not only you get to wear your bracelet with pride, but you can also share it with that special someone, even though he or she may not be the same wrist size as you are!

Check out our website for the updated versions of our leather cuffs, as well as all our leather wraparounds (ie the Concho, the Ruler, the Namaste and the leather pirate wraparound, amongst others!).

So go ahead, check out www.missnyet.com and place your order today.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, people! 😉