Mar 142012

It certainly is a random thing that was absolutely not intended on the part of Basque media and television channel EITB, but it caught our attention this morning at Miss Nyet HQ.

EITB’s internet banner ad (see photo) features, aside from its slogan “tus nuevos ojos para ver el mundo”, (your new eyes to see the world), two eyes of a different color: one is blue and the other the color of amber, which happens to be exactly similar to the eyes of Lartaun, the hero of Delphine Pontvieux’s thriller titled “ETA-estimated Time of Arrest”, who happens to be affected by heterochromia.

Do we hear “subliminal imagery?”


Jan 162012



Oct 202011

As of today, ETA officially announced  it has called a “definitive cessation” to its campaign of bombings and shootings after 50 years of activity.

View the video of the declaration (you can choose the language in Euskara, Spanish, French or English) here: