Feb 122010

A great time was had last night at Athena restaurant in Greek town. Who says book clubs are not fun? I thank the great ladies of Oak lawn -all of them accomplished nurses- for having me as their guest of honor. We enjoyed tasty food and wine while discussing my novel (which they picked as their February “book of choice”) and analyzed and talked about every character in the book.

If you belong to a book club -or just decided to start one just now- and are interested in discussing my novel at your next reunion, by all means, get in touch: missnyetATmissnyet.com



  1. Book Club was a great opportunity to have a focus group for your book and an exciting twist to our usual meeting to have the actual author join us for our impressions of the book. What always has interested me was how people who read the same book can take away something different from the same words. Having the author there made all the separate “takes” on the book come together. To be able to do this in a relaxed atmosphere with such congenial and dynamic women is fantastic! Thanks for being a part of our group!