Jul 232011

Profile of Author Interview with J.Oh.

Firstly, I write to express my heartfelt thanks to DelphinePontvieux, for her kindness to allow me to interview her despite her busy daily schedule. For those of you who want to know her background, please click at the title of this post to access to my preceding article. So, let us put our hands together to welcome this awesome author, Delphine, who is here to share with us her insight of her experience in publishing her award winner novel. Below please find my interview with her for your reading pleasure.

James: Perhaps you may share with us your feeling when you were declared winner for this award.

Delphine : It came as a surprise as I received the email while I was traveling in France to visit my family. I submitted my novel so many months prior, I had sort of forgotten about the contest, so it was even more exciting news because it was unexpected. It is a good thing because people value this kind of recognition, and it definitely helps with sales and getting added exposure for the novel.
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  1. Cool post, enjoyed the way you write, thanks.

  2. Thanks for blogging out in this website, Delphine.

    To your great success,