Aug 252011

Here is an inspiring article written by James Oh, of the “profile of authors” blog fame, who also writes the “lift you up blog.”

His latest article discusses the motto “never too late,” and quotes Delphine Pontvieux’s achievements to make his point across. Thank you Mister Oh! (Even though she says ‘she’s not worthy, she ‘s not worthy’…)


VERY WARM WELCOME TO THIS UPLIFTING BLOG,Her motto “NEVER TOO LATE” sounds very familiar to me and I have prescribed to this formula very successfully. As such, I like to share with you with my experience because I have achieved some success through this formula. That’s why I dare to step forward to vouch for this formula, with the hope that you too will prescribe to it without any hesitation. At least, we have done every possible means to pass the benefits to our readers, as a token of our appreciation for reading this uplifting blog.

I recalled when I was introduced to this motto for the very first time and I was so excited. It instantly touched my heart so deeply. Today, I have the great pleasure to share with my blog readers, who have taken the initiative to make life changing decisions to pursue their dreams. Here, I strongly believe that it is the main driving force for the award winning author, Miss Delphine who I had interviewed not long ago. I must thank her for this inspiration as it is her motto that helped her worked toward the destination she wanted. Big thanks to her. This serves to generate powerful and durable stamina for her years taken to complete her novel. Amazingly awesome.

Here, she illustrated the point well that she is not only a brave lady, but also have the courage to act upon her dreams no matter how many obstacles were ahead of her. Her right attitude of never look back is also worth to be praised and followed.

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